Incident Response Management

Incident Response Management

eNoah’s experienced incident response management team solves your problems in real time with a well-defined and highly proactive approach. We also analyze your overall customer process in order to design response pattern processes that meet your specific needs.

Common Pain Points

  • Improperly defined processes and owners
  • Lack of skills and adequate resources
  • Miscommunication between response team and other groups
  • Insufficient budget for tools and technology
  • Disconnect between data sources and tasks
  • Lack of integration with other security and monitoring tools

How eNoah’s Expert Team Can Help


Incident Preparation

  • Identify the nature of the incident
  • Initial preparation process
  • Identify start of an incident,
  • Analysis should be in place to understand the incident and
  • Outline steps for recovery

Incident Identification

  • What kind of incident is this? How critical is it?
  • Have we encountered similar incidents before?
  • What areas are affected by the incident?
  • Do we have a solution identified for this pattern of incident?

Control Process

  • On knowing what is the incident and the criticality on how to deal it the following will be the next steps on two key areas:
  • Protect critical resources
  • Determine the operational status of the infected computer, system, or network

Incident Analysis

  • Identify why the incident happened
  • Provide detailed analysis document


  • Completion of internal and external steps
  • Notify all relevant stakeholders

Incident Recovery & Process Improvements

  • Services return to normal and business as usual resumes
  • Analysis and improvement of defined processes

Value Proposition



  • Increase effectiveness and reduce business impact by ensuring timely resolution

Robust Monitoring

  • Accurately measure performance against SLAs with improved monitoring

Increased Availability

  • Increase availability of business-focused, SLA-related management information
improved customer-satisfaction-icon

Improved Customer Satisfaction

  • Improve user and customer experience
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