Patch Management

Patch Management

Patch management is the process by which we keep track of the changes or updates we do to a finished software product. Proper patch management is very important to keep track of changes and to identify the problem area easily when a bug or security flaw is identified. In order to understand patch management, we need to know what a patch is. A patch is a piece of code written to fix a bug or security flaw or give additional features to an existing software product. Every software or application needs to be Patched periodically to keep it updated with new features and make it more secure against newer security threats.

Patch management is the process of testing and installing multiple code changes or patches on existing applications and tools thereby enabling them to stay updated and secure. It also involves determining which patches are necessary and removing the unnecessary ones without affecting the functionality of the product. Most of the software patches are security related but sometimes it may be for some functionality issues.

Organization Pain Points in Patch Management


Identifying and installing/uninstalling patches based on importance or use.


Checking if patches are installed properly.


Performing tests to determine if the functionality is intact or as intended.


Implementing and checking patches across various operating systems and devices.


Checking the network for security risks

How eNoah Can Help in Setting Up Patch Management


1. Scan your networks regularly and notify about risks


2. In case of vulnerabilites identify missing patches


3. For new patch deployment validate installation and check compatibility


4. Generate periodic reports about patch updates


5. keep track of all the patches and delete unnecessary ones

eNoah’s Value Proposition


Complete Scanning

  • By implementing a process for effective patch management the tool we use will be doing an end to end scanning.
  • This helps to get a consolidated report about the missing patches across the network.

Planned Patch Deployment

  • By defining a process the patch management will be planned and scheduled on a periodic basis

Real time monitoring and Detailed Reporting:

  • By defining a effective process we will have all the required monitoring and reporting
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