eStone – Stone ERP Software for Stone Industries (Granite, Marble & Sandstone)


eStone is a custom built Stone ERP solution for Granite,Marble and Sandstone industries that also dealing with other Natural Stones, Monuments and Quarry.

eStone covers the entire Business cycle of granite, marble and sandstone manufacturing, from the entry of the Sales Order to the dispatch of the goods against the Sales Order.

Transformation of the Block to the Slabs is completely tracked, with supporting Reports and dashboards. eStone also features ‘eStone Analytics’, a mobile compatible dashboard, which displays real-time Order, Purchase, Inventory status.

The ultimate aim of ERP is to simplify your business by lowering cost, optimize resources and increasing profitability.

Download our eStone Stone ERP Brochure to know more.

A complete & comprehensive ERP solutions for Stone Industry

Decade of experience and proven track record in providing ERP Solution for Granite, Marble and Sandstone Industries

Why Stone ERP Solution?

  • Simplifies Business -Provides ability to stay connected to your business, helps make key decision on time
  • Increases Profitability by streamlining  Cash flow, Reducing Wastage, Optimization of inventory and resource
  • Process improvement by integrating the manufacturing process, streamlining order-to-cash and production process quarry to slab
  • Scalability and Flexibility  – ERP provides a robust and scalable platform that supports growth. Thus reducing bottlenecks and buttressing quick decision-making
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction – Ability to rapidly respond to customer request. Commitment to customers is met through real-time inventory visibility.
  • Dashboard Driven Decision Making- Reports available on the go, multi-modal delivery and cloud delivery.