Services for Insurance Agencies

With solid experience and a proven reputation in the US insurance industry, eNoah offers Business Process and IT Services for Insurance agencies, BGAs & IMOS

Services for Insurance Agencies

eNoah provides Information Technology Support as well as Business Process Support services for IMOs, Insurance Carriers, Insurance service companies, Broker & General Alliance companies, and Examination companies that help clients to operate efficiently, reduce cost and have faster turnaround times.

eNoah provides scalable cost effective solutions based on volume and client’s specific needs.

With solid experience and a proven reputation in the US insurance industry, every single one of eNoah’s strategies and solutions improves the insurance lifecycle for you. Our robust technology platform ensures thorough completion of the entire process, facilitating quality reviews, reports, and scalability.

eNoah is a client-focused partner with over a decade of experience in delighting customers. We offer unique engagement models to fit your specific needs.

Our team of competent & experienced specialists strive hard to deliver great quality in a timely & consistent manner.
eNoah is HIPAA compliant & ISO 27001 Certified.

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Lori L Mach

Director of Underwriting,

Lori has 25 years of industry experience... Read more

Business Process Services

Case Management Services


Review Insurance application, determine what is received on the application and what information is missing, outstanding or required. Download and update additional forms requested by the Carriers.

Illustration Support Services


eNoah provides illustration support services to BGA’s, Insurance & Financial advisors. A dedicated analyst will work for the client to generate illustration reports specific to client needs.

Policy Owner Services


eNoah case workers correspond directly with the carrier. Process and track in-force changes. Make necessary updates on customer CRM

Commission Build-Out & Reconciliation


eNoah commission team will work closely with BGAs officer manager to help build out the commission module in Agency Integrator, Smart Office or One HQ and will help update and make amends as needed.

Medical Records Retrieval


eNoah retrieves approximately 350,000 records a year. Robust call listening and QA scoring system help our retrievers deliver top quality service to Insurance companies.

Medical Records Summarization


eNoah use home grown summary aggregation tool to prepare summaries for specific formats. eNoah team process more than 200 summaries a day.

Medical Exam Reports Review


eNoah receive exam reports and review for correctness, comments on personal habits, proper formats and completion of all data in the forms. Client gets 100% audited documents.

Licensing & Contracting


In the licensing industry, it is critical to monetize assets while safeguarding their proprietary rights. We strive to equip licensors and licensing agents alike with tools and services to reach consumers around the globe.

Bookkeeping & Accounting Services


Disaster Relief Requirements. Manual Intervention Projects as a makeshift unit bugs in application were resolved.

IT Services

Data Science & Automation


Data science and automation services covers leveraging your data through machine learning, artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and cognitive computing.

Application Development (Mobile, Portal)


Mobile app development(iOS and Android), custom web tools, and web portal development for the licenced insurance carrier based on their unique business requirements.

Cloud Services


IT infrastructure management services including cloud services, database support, server and desktop management for insurance carriers.

Database Support Services


IT infrastructure management services including cloud services, database support, server and desktop management for insurance carriers

Testing Services


eNoah offers Independent testing and quality assurance of software's, web applications and portals ensuring on time release without compromising on the quality.

CRM Setup


Addressing every aspect of cyber security including people, process and technology used by the insurance carriers and auditing services

Lori L Mach

Director of Underwriting,

Lori has 25 years of industry experience in the underwriting, administration and sales of life and health insurance products. Lori served as Director of Underwriting and Administration for the ASA Group, a Life Insurance Brokerage General Agency. This position involved overseeing all case management, underwriting and new business personnel and processes... Read more

Leverage Benefits of Partnering

Focus on Core


Competence & Domain Knowledge

Dollar Savings

Faster Turn Around Time

Strong Technical Skills & Rich Talent Pool

Engagement Model

Pay-As-You-Go for a Dedicated Specialist Team

  • Our dedicated teams of experts perform specific tasks as seamless extensions of your office. You don't need to hire and train new specialists with our Pay-As-You-Go model, which allows you to leverage our trained specialists for each function as needed, with no minimums in place
  • We have specialized teams for Licensing & Contracting, Case Management, Medical Records Retrieval, Medical Records Summarization, and Policy Owner Service

Customer Engagement Manager

  • Based on thorough understanding gleaned from almost three decades of industry experience, our senior customer engagement manager provides unique insights and solutions tailored to each individual client
  • Our customer engagement manager is located in the US. He oversees the end-to-end process, ensuring it is in line with customer expectations, and coordinates and monitors global service delivery to meet SLAs